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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Healthy snack: mandarin orange & almonds

Since one of my goals for this year is to make 2017 the year of healthy (read about it here), I'm back today with the first suggestion for a healthy snack.

While it's true that we all love (and need) snacks, the word "snack" is more often than not associated with guilty pleasures and with things that make us fat. And that's totally wrong. There are plenty of healthy snacks available - we just need to choose wisely and moderate quantities. 

Healthy snack: mandarin orange & almonds

Today's healthy snack suggestion is one mandarin orange and a handful of almonds. This is perfect for a mid-morning snack, though it goes well at any time of the day, really. Personally, I'm partial to roasted almonds, but I didn't have time to roast them this morning so I just ate them raw.

Healthy snack: mandarin orange & almonds

Preparation time


Cooking time

None (unless you prefer your almonds roasted; in that case allow
for 10-15 minutes of oven time)


Mandarin oranges are rich in vitamins A, B and C and fiber, and
are low in fat. They also can help preventing high cholesterol and high blood
Almonds are rich in fiber, vitamins B and E and several minerals. Some
studies indicate they have cholesterol-lowering properties.


Mandarins: about 40 calories (though it may vary depending on
sugar content)
Almonds: about 576 calories/100 grams


I find mandarins easier to peel and eat than oranges, but you can
replace then for any other citrus fruit of your choice.
If you’re allergic to almonds or just don´t like them, replace
them with other nuts or with dried fruits (beware of portions there, though,
because dried fruits may have a higher sugar content)

As I mentioned before, I plan to focus on everything healthy in 2017, so be sure to come back for more snack suggestions, tips and recipes.

Here's to a healthy 2017!

Sources of nutrition facts: SelfNutritionData ( and Google.


  1. MMM - I love both! Thanks for sharing at the What's for dinner link up!

    1. Thank you for hosting, and for stopping by!


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