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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A bed for Mr. Penguin

In the long standing tradition at our house that every doll and stuffed animal is supposed to have its own sleeping accommodations, my son asked me to make a bed for Mr. Penguin. 

A bed for Mr. Penguin, toy bed

Mr. Penguin is...well, I'm not sure what he is exactly, though he certainly doesn't look like a penguin to me. He's been named Mr. Penguin by my kids, though, so who am I to judge?

A bed for Mr. Penguin, toy bed

What ever he is, he's small enough to fit in a basket I already had around, so it was the perfect match: Mr. Penguin got his bed and I found a use for the old basket. 

A bed for Mr. Penguin, toy bed

No tutorial here, I just winged the whole thing. I used green felt for the lining, with a bit of polyester filling at the bottom of the basket (because we wanted Mr. Penguin to be comfortable), and then some green polka dot fabric for the exterior covers. Everything came from my stash, so it was a really inexpensive project.

A bed for Mr. Penguin, toy bed

It just took me about twenty minutes to make and even though it isn't perfect because I didn't bother with exact measurements, everyone was happy. 

A bed for Mr. Penguin, toy bed

Other doll/toy beds I've made in the past:

Happy Tuesday, 

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  1. Sure, I agree, everyone should have a place of its own :) Nice job! Mr. Penguin looks pretty satisfied now


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