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Friday, February 19, 2016

5 original things to make with crayons

The ABC Crafts Series: C is for...Crayons

Welcome to this week's edition of the ABC Crafts Series. We are still on the letter C, to show you some cool things that you can make with crayons (other than coloring, of course).

5 original things to make with crayons

Anyone who has kids around knows that old crayons (and often just bits of old crayons) end up stranded all over the place, so here are a few ideas on how to use (or re-use) some of them.

~ 1 ~

I had never thought of Decorating Easter Eggs with Melted Crayons, but this seems like a wonderful project to make with the kids this year. Found on Jenna Burger Design.

~ 2 ~ 

Another melted crayon idea. These Melted Crayon Butterflies are lovely as spring decor, and I'm betting they will also look great embellishing wrapped gifts, for example. From the ArtBar Blog.

~ 3 ~

Colorful and easy to make: Crayon Candles from Adventures in Making. 

~ 4 ~

Crayon Lip Gloss? I confess I was a bit intrigued with this one, but I definitely want to try it! Just two ingredients and endless possibilities. From Momdot.

~ 5 ~

And one more kids project: this wonderful Crayon Play Dough Recipe from Sugar Aunts!

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of crayon crafts. Next week we will finally move ahead onto letter D, to explore some interesting things to do with doilies!

In case you missed the previous posts, the ABC Crafts series will be covering one (or more) crafts for each letter of the alphabet during 2016. Each roundup features 5 links, grouped around the major theme. All links posted will be DIY tutorials with clear instructions and/or free patterns, so that everyone can easily replicate them.

I've created a specific page for the series, which will include links to the crafts already covered, and a list of upcoming topics. You can find the page here. If you have suggestions for any of the topics, feel free to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I will try to include your ideas as much as possible (with proper credit)!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Super interesting crayon ideas, esp. the lip gloss! I have a 6 year old who is obsessed with lip gloss so this may make a good craft activity. Visiting from Artsy Fartsy Mama party.

  2. Thanks for sharing these crayon crafts. It's true, we have lots of crayons here. For some reason some aren't so good for coloring but now I can put them to good use. Best wishes Darlene

  3. Adorable, creative ideas! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing at Celebrate It!

  4. Hi Teresa - These are such fun ideas! Thanks so much for sharing with the Let's Get Real party.

  5. I love all of these great ideas to use crayons Teresa!
    TFS this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

  6. Such great ideas. I love those candles. I've had so many broken and old crayons over the years. Wish I would have thought of some of these uses. I used to melt the crayons in a muffin tin and make big crayons out of the old crayons. Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again this week.


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