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Thursday, October 15, 2015

No clutter in 2015 - week 41 update

Have you noticed that there are only 11 weeks left of 2015? That means that I have only two months and a half to complete my goal for this year: a clutter free house. And I still have a long way to go...

Although I've mentioned several times here before that I need to go through my craft closet, select those materials I actually plan to use and get rid of everything else, I still haven't managed to do so. Or not as much as I wanted to.

Still, last weekend, I focused on a real stash buster: I created the reusable gift bags tutorial. With this tutorial I can (and you can too!) create cute gift bags using nothing but fabric and ribbon scraps. 

One of the bags was already used for a birthday party we attended last Saturday, and on Sunday I took the opportunity to sew together a few more. Though I still have a huge pile of scraps, I think the reusable gift bags will be very helpful in the upcoming holidays season, in several ways: I will not buy more wrapping paper (saving money and reducing the space needed to store wrapping paper on yet another closet) and I will get rid of a lot of scraps (decluttering).  

If you missed the reusable gift bags tutorial I posted last Monday, click below to check it out.

Plans for next weekend? Of course. 

One more stash buster project is under way, this time to reuse felt scraps (of which I have a lot too), though I'm not sure if I will have time to finish it in the next few days,  since I'm creating a digital pattern to share with it. 

And I also want to complete the "inspection" of my son's clothes closet. Earlier this week I managed to put aside a few pairs of pants that don't fit anymore, and some shoes too, but I'm sure there are more clothes in there up for donation.

Since I now also have a friend that is interested in girl clothes, I need to go back to the old clothes boxes and check if there are a few more items that I can also get rid of. 

Uff, decluttering is hard work. And what's worse, it takes time. Though my house is not completely clutter free (and probably never will), I'm getting a lot better at not bringing unnecessary items into the house, which is a good thing, right?

Happy decluttering,
keeping it real, craft blog

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