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Thursday, October 8, 2015

No clutter in 2015 - week 39 update

no clutter in 2015, decluttering lessons and tips

This week I've been putting in a lot of extra hours at the office, so decluttering has been on the back burner. But last weekend I managed to pass on two huge piles of clothes that no longer fit my daughter. 

One of the piles had already been selected a couple of weeks ago (I mentioned it here). Because some of them were getting yellow spots even after being stored for only a couple of months, I decided last Saturday to go and check how the boxes that were stored in the garage shelves were faring. 

That's where the second pile came from. Those were the oldest clothes, from my daughter's first months and all of them had be be washed, some of them multiple times, in order to become wearable again.

In the end, with just a few exceptions, I was able to pass them on to a friend who has a 3 month old girl. Initially I thought it would be difficult to part with all those memories of when my 5 year old was just a tiny baby but, truth be told, I felt great. I'm going to enjoy a lot more seeing them being used again then having them stored in boxes out of sight. 

Lesson learned: saving baby clothes is a waste of space. You may want to save a few special items, but the rest you can easily sell or donate because if you let them be, they are just going to get old and moldy.  

Because I was a bit pressed for time when I made the first round of checking those boxes, made difficult by the fact that boy and girl clothes are all mixed up in there, I'm thinking of going back again next weekend and see if I can select a few more items to pass on. Let's see what I can fit in and I'll update here next week. 

Happy decluttering!

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