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Friday, February 6, 2015

You Color My Life - free Valentine's printable & tags

Valentine's Day is not something we really celebrate at our house and while I appreciate the concept, this time of the year I feel quite overwhelmed with the avalanche of red and pink hearts everywhere.
You Color My Life - free Valentine's printable & tags
But my children, especially my daughter, love everything that has even the faint smell of a party or a justification to receive gifts, so I usually just do some projects with/for the kids.

Last year I was mainly focused on hair accessories (you can check them here, here and here), though I managed to make a simple ribbon necklace that my daughter still loves (she actually wore it to school today).

This year I have been mostly working with printables. I've made the Valentine's book tags and the Valentine's sewing cards for kids and although I have promised me daughter I would make her a bracelet and a heart brooch (let's hope I have time over next weekend), I confess too much pink around me makes me a little dizzy.
free printable valentine´s you color my life

However, in my recent decluttering missions I discovered two unused frames and I decided to make some unconventional Valentine's art to print and frame for the occasion. As you can see, it is so unconventional that there isn't one single heart in it. But I kind of like it, and it's colorful enough to cheer my dark living room furniture. And while I was at it, I also made some matching tags just in case we decide to exchange gifts this year after all.

free printable valentine´s you color my life

In case you want to print any of these You Color My Life items for yourself, just download the file here and have fun!

Have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. This is really sweet. Aww, I love color! Too bad, I don't have anyone coloring in my life. Haha. Happy Friday!

    1. You color your own life! Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

  2. So pretty! I love it. Thanks for linking at Snickerdoodle and sharing your talents! Hope to see you next week!


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