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Friday, March 7, 2014

Barbie dolls clothes

I'm not a seamstress and I'm not a fashion designer. To be honest (and I'm supposed to be keeping it real, right?), I'm not even very talented with fabric and needles unless I have an easy pattern with very clear instructions to follow. And time.

But ever since Christmas. my daughter has been nagging me, saying that her Barbie princesses (the ones I created the closet-out-of-a-box for) only have...princess dresses. Well, obviously. It seems, however, that even princesses need everyday clothes.

So, after endless requests, I searched through my fabric scraps and my yarn leftovers...

...and we came up with two looks. The vintage look:

And the casual style:

On the vintage look, the skirt is made of the fabric you see in the first picture. I joined both edges, hemmed one side and created a casing for the elastic on the other. Just like you would to make a simple skirt on any other size. The top are two crochet squares sewn together on the sides (just in the bottom, to leave room for the arms) and closing on top with buttons. The yarn should have been thinner and the buttons smaller, but I worked with just what I had on hand.

For the casual look I actually created jeans. No pattern, I totally winged them. They were machine sewn, which was faster, but for such a small piece hand sewing is probably bound to produce a more perfect finishing. The top was made with the remaining yarn and is just a crochet tube made to fit the doll with straps sewn to it. Nothing flashy and not perfect, but enough to keep the girl entertained for some time.

There was going to be a chic look as well, using the red scraps below...

...but the girl decided that she "needed" the fabric for other purposes. Since I was running out of time anyway, the dolls will have to wait (probably a long time) for another addition to their fashion choices. Maybe they should go on a shopping spree.

See you around,

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