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Saturday, February 15, 2014

T-shirt recovery

While making these beauties, of which I will tell you about in a while (meaning, as soon as I finish them), I realized that it was the perfect pattern for a project I had pending for a long time.

This is one of my daughter’s favorite T –shirts (sorry about the wrinkles, they are proof that the T-shirt has been locked away for quite some time).

Unfortunately, it has holes in one pocket and I been looking for something to cover the holes up, because the rest of the shirt is still in perfect condition (minus the wrinkles).

The solution? These flowers:

They are fairly easy to make once you decipher the pattern (original pattern here), I made a pair in less than ten minutes.

Then I all I had to do was to sew the flowers on both pockets and I was done.

One unfinished project down, several more to go.

See you,

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  1. Oh, me! I just got rid of some shirts (spotted in that busty area that catches all drips!) and this would have been a perfect solution. Thanks for next time! I'm just getting ready to open my first blog page as "Nana Knows How" so I'll let you know when it's up. *is that shirt newly dyed or is it that color from the start? I REALLY like that idea! Happy July 4, everyone!

    1. Thank you Jean.
      The shirt's color is the original one and because I liked it so much I wanted to find a way to make it last longer.
      Let me know when your blog is up and running, I'm always looking for new ideas and inspiration. Leave a comment here or send me an e-mail to

  2. And you ironed it too :) love the colors of the flowers and they do make the shirt looks so sweet! Appreciate your sharing with us at the Creative Craft Challenge!


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