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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On craft rooms and other ramblings

Some people have beautiful craft rooms. I travel a lot though blogland and Pinterest and I love to see other people's craft rooms. Not out of morbid curiosity but, because deep down, I envy them. Not necessarily the craft rooms themselves. What I mostly envy is the time those people must have available for crafting. And how perfect their projects come to be.

True, for some people crafting is actually their job and maybe that is what I envy the most. If I could, I would be home crafting my days away and, ideally, I would make money in the process (because, realistically, you do need money to live).

I know that I do have good ideas once it a while, but I'm also aware that the end results are usually far from perfect. And not just because I'm always pressed for time.

So here is the naked truth: I like to take shortcuts and I sometimes I choose to believe that if you don't see it, it doesn't matter. This often results in wonky projects, especially when sewing, which my kids love anyway but are obviously not good enough to gift, let alone sell, to anyone.

So, I do not have a craft room (and probably never will). I settle for a quarter of our guest room closet and, in my husband's opinion, I already store there way to much stuff that I will never use. And another confession: I have the bad habit of using things and forgetting to put them back in their rightful places.

The result: one very messy craft closet.

Last week I had to take a day off from work (due to the bad weather the kid's school was closed and my husband was out of town so I had no choice) and I decided to tackle (with the help of four little hands that sometimes create more mess than anything else) the craft closet.

Three bags went strait to the trash bin at the end of our street and I tried to create some order out of everything else. The end result?

A little better, but not by much.

Perfection is elusive but maybe if I keep on trying, I will improve. Some day.

See you around,


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