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Monday, May 14, 2018

Two toned felt envelope bags

These are made almost in the same way as the Felt Envelope Clutches and the Embellished Felt Clutch

Two toned felt envelope bags

There are only two differences: 

First, instead of folding one single piece of felt to make the envelope, I joined two pieces together (the back piece is the largest and folds over to the front, which means I had to sew the sides and the bottom, instead of just the sides). 

Two toned felt envelope bags

The color contrast looks good, but mostly I was trying to get rid of bits and pieces of felt (as part of my destashing efforts). 

Two toned felt envelope bags

And second, instead of using a ribbon or velcro to close the bags, I just added a matching button to each and cut a button hole directly in the felt

Two toned felt envelope bags

And here they are: three different sized little cute felt envelopes.

Two toned felt envelope bags

I'm still not sure how I will use them, but I'm pretty sure it won't be that difficult, especially since I have lots of family and friend's birthdays coming up.

This post is part of my 2018 destashing goal.  See below my other destashing projects so far:

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Enjoy, and happy Monday!

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  1. Great destashing and a great useful project to boot!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving my destashing projects this year.

  2. What sweet little envelopes! They'd make great teacher gifts with a gift cards tucked inside.

  3. Love this idea and they are so pretty. Found you on Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party.

  4. This fun post is a CREATIVE feature on the June You're the STAR blog hop:


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