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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

embellished felt clutch

I made this clutch for a friend. She creates jewelry and orders a lot of her supplies online and she'd just received a bag full of pink roses when the story of this clutch started.. I'm not exactly sure what the flowers are make of, as they are heavier than plastic, but in any case, she gave me one and challenged me to incorporate it in one of my sewing projects.

embellished felt clutch

Challenge accepted.

I went through my stash, found a piece of felt in almost the exact shade of green of the flower leaves and got down to work.

embellished felt clutch

The clutch is made in a similar way as the felt envelope cluches with ribbon closure, with two differences: (1) I hand sewed this one with a blanket stitch and (2) instead of adding the ribbon I used velcro to close the clutch.

embellished felt clutch

The rose was simply glued on top.

embellished felt clutch

For such a quick project I think it turned out pretty well, right?

embellished felt clutch

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a fun, easy project! Really love that rose embellishment! And the simple blanket stitch edging. I love using felt as it's durable, and doesn't fray.

    1. Thank you Alexandra. Felt is so easy to work it, I love it.