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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - spring flowers

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - spring flowers

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - spring flowers

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I have been known to write "novels". I call my version of Wordless Wednesday - Living the Dream Wednesday.
    These flowers are gorgeous! I have been thinking of planting some flowers around my home. Not sure what to grow though. Any tips for someone without a green thumb?

    1. Thank you for stopping by Alexandra.
      I really can't help you with the flowers because I tend to kill everything green that has is unlucky enough to enter our house. I've passed plants that people gave me as a gifts off to my mother in law because I would be sad to see them die.
      The flowers in the photos actually belong to friends of ours that have a new house with a gorgeous backyard.


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