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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Keeping it Real in 2018

I decided what I wanted my main goal for 2018 to be well before the year end, but truth be told it took me a while to actually sit down and actually write this post. 

Keeping it Real in 2018

There are lots of changes and improvements I would love to implement on the blog during this year. But realistically speaking, most of them will likely not see the light of day any time soon. Not because of lack of commitment from my side, but just because there are only 24 hours in each day and my family and my job are always my priorities. 

I do love blogging and right now I can't imagine my life without my regular posts, but Keeping it Real is still a hobby - one of several, by the way. 

So instead of a long list of goals that I would have a hard time making happen, I decided on a one word goal: destashing. This simple goal will work both ways - it will provide me with inspiration to write blog posts throughout the year, and at the same time it will hopefully bring some much needed order to my crafts closet. Which, by the way, looks like this today: 

messy crafts closet

Could it be any messier?

So my challenge for 2018 is to come up with craft projects that allow me to use a large part of the supplies I have stored as of now. 

I will publish other posts too, and I have in my mind to continue the You Can Do It Yourself Series as I originally had planned one post a week in 2017 and then never managed to actually follow the plan - so I have a list of posts that belong in that series but never saw the light of day and I really want to make them happen. 

I've been debating about the Wordless Wednesday posts for a while too, and I've decided I will only post when I have special photos or moments to share. Lately I was feeling a lot of pressure trying to come up with photos to share every Wednesday and it just doesn't make sense. Not for me, and not for the blog, as I want Keeping it Real to be mostly centered around crafts and craft related posts.

The Really Crafty Link Party will continue as usual, because I love going through everyone's posts, reading and commenting. As I'm always struggling to be more active on social media and to reply to everyone's comments, the party is the best way for me to interact with other people online and I just love it!

So this is basically it. I may - or may not - manage to implement some of the other changes to the blog, but if I do I'll be sure to make everyone know.

Happy new year everyone!

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