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Monday, November 20, 2017

DIY envelope purse organizer

So last weekend I created three purse organizers as a birthday gift for a friend (you can read about it here) and I promised I would post tutorials for each of the pieces. Here's the first one: the envelope shaped purse organizer.

DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

Of the three, this is the easiest one to sew, so it's perfect for beginners. Bottom line, if you can't sew you can use fabric glue and get nearly the same result. Here's the how to:

What you need: 
  • fabric for the bag (for a finished bag of about 19 x 19 cm I needed a rectangle of 50 x 20 cm - if you want to make different sized bag, just adjust proportionally)
  • fabric for the lining (same size as the fabric for the bag)
  • Matching sewing thread
  • trim (optional - I used a color coordinated pom pom trim)

  • Cut the fabric for the bag and the lining
DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

  • To create a rounded edge in the flap (optional) use a large round object (I used a pie mold) and cut both fabrics together to ensure an accurate match

DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

  • Place bag fabric and lining right sides together and sew all around leaving a small opening for turning. I usually like to leave the opening in the side that will be folded upward. 

DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial
  •  Turn inside out. You should have something like this: 
DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

  • Top stitch the open edge to close the opening and then fold the bag onto it's final envelope shape and pin in place: 
DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

  • Sew the sides and top stitch the flap as you go (sew up one side, around the flap and down the other side. Your bag is finished. 
DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

  •  For a cuter (and more professional) look, sew a piece of trim over the edge of the flap.
DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

Since I made this as a purse organizer I didn't want it to be too thick or too stiff, but if you're aiming for another use (a clutch, for example), you can add a piece of batting between the lining and the exterior fabric and follow the rest of the tutorial from there.

And here is the envelope bag together with the rest of the set. I'll be posting tutorials for the zippered bag and for the mini lip gloss purse soon.

DIY envelope purse organizer tutorial

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Hi Teresa, these bag organizers are great and you can use different patterns for the fabric. I've seen them on ebay for a lot of money. Thanks for sharing this at C&C with J&J.

    1. Thank you Julie, for hosting and for stopping by!

  2. A great idea for a Christmas gift and we all need our handbags organised that is for sure. Thanks sharing at #BloggersPitStop

  3. Very cute! I love the little pom poms! Thanks for sharing with Awesome Life Friday. :)


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