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Thursday, June 1, 2017

6 amazing outdoor DIYs

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the You Can Do-It-Yourself series. June starts today and that means that summer will be here in a little over two weeks. Crazy, right? But if you love summer like I do, you know that this is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.

6 amazing outdoor DIYs

So, what better fit than to bring you some amazing outdoor craft ideas you can easily make yourself? Check them out below:

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

How to Turn an Old Tire into a Planter

Which one is your favorite? I'm in love with that bird feeder, but I know my kids would love the hopscotch or the ring toss game...

I hope you've enjoyed this little list of ideas, and do come back next week to see what I'll be sharing

The purpose of the You Can Do-It-Yourself series is to share wonderful projects every week in 2017 and show you that there are lots of things that we are used to buying but than can be perfectly made by us. All links posted will obviously be DIY tutorials with clear instructions and/or free patterns, so that everyone can easily replicate them.
I've created a specific page for the series, which will include links to the crafts already covered. If you have suggestions for any of the topics, feel free to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I will try to include your ideas as much as possible (with proper credit). And if you actually make some of these projects (which I hope you do), please share with me photos or links and I will be very happy to post them here too!

Happy Thursday,


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  1. Great collection of ideas. The favorite is the tire planter. Visiting from Creatively Crafty party.

  2. I love these ideas for summer fun outdoors. With these ideas, your backyard can become your favorite vacation spot.

    1. True. This is part of why I love summer so much!

  3. Very fun ideas! The table top fire pit would be fun to make to use with my grandchildren yo make smores, and I know they would like the bottle toss.

  4. Those are so cute!! I love the firepit especially!

    Thanks for sharing at #bloggerspotlight


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