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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - our Christmas tree and nativity

I usually bring out the holidays decor on December 1st, but we've been really busy lately so it has taken me a bit longer to get it all assembled.
Here's our nativity, with the Christmas garland I made this year hanging over it.  

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - our Christmas tree and nativity
Most of the figurines in this nativity are twice my age. My mother inherited them from my grandparents and I remember assembling everything every year when I was a child. I'm very happy to see my kids loving them as much as I always did, even though they are a mismatched bundle of different types and sizes.

Baby Jesus will be added on the night of the 24th.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - our Christmas tree and nativity

The duck pond is one of my kid's favorites: 

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - our Christmas tree and nativity

This is the little tabletop Christmas tree we bought when we got married. Since we never used to spend Christmas at  home in those first years, we saw no need to decorate for the holidays and this was our only concession to the season. Now it's 100% decorated by the kids, so a bit messy as they tend to go overboard with the ornaments.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - our Christmas tree and nativity

And our larger tree, which we got from Ikea after the kids were born. Originally it was decorated exclusively with red and silver ornaments, but with all the other ornaments we have made since then, it's now a bit messy too. It used to be big enough for us, but it's becoming a bit crowded, so we may need a bigger one next year. And yes, it's missing a tree skirt. The same three skirt I've been promising to make for the past six years. Maybe this year. And then again, maybe not.
(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - our Christmas tree and nativity
It may not be magazine-cover worthy, but it's ours and we love it!
How about you, have you decorated for Christmas already?
Happy Wednesday,

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  1. Lovely, Teresa. And I'm so glad you remembered the Nativity. I looked for quite some time before I found Christmas cards for sale that included reference to Jesus' birth.
    How sad!
    Thanks for linking up at

    1. Thank you for hosting, and for stopping by. Happy holidays!

  2. I still haven't decorated anything, except for Advent Corolla. We usually cut our tree, so I have to wait for my husband's free time. I used to decorate A LOT when kids were smaller, and on time :) It was special time of the year for them to enjoy. I love the fact that you also have nativity scene tradition. Your kids will charish it, just like you do. Beautiful details.


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