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Monday, September 19, 2016

More upcycled summer shorts

Remember the upcycled summer shorts I posted about a while ago? Well, just before our summer vacation I made another pair, from some pants that would just be too short for my daughter this coming fall.

upcycled summer shorts

This is a wonderful way to get kids' clothes to last a bit longer. As long as the pants still fit in the waist, all you need to do is cut the pants' legs and hem them to create shorts. 

upcycled summer shorts

In this case, the pants had embroidered butterflies on one of the pockets, so I decided to add a ribbon with butterflies too. Given the choice, I would have probably picked another color for the ribbon, but I like to keep these upcycles as inexpensive as possible, so I had to use what was already in my stash. 

upcycled summer shorts

Because the original pants were stretchy, I pulled the fabric a bit when I was sewing the ribbon, so it ended with a slightly ruffled effect. 

upcycled summer shorts
It seriously doesn't take more than ten minutes to get it all done. My daughter has been wearing these shorts all summer and she'll probably wear them for a few weeks more since they are forecasting a hot fall around here. And if they don't fit anymore next year, it's not a big loss because they cost next-to-nothing anyway.

upcycled summer shorts

For more ideas on how to reuse & upcycle kids pants, click below:

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Ah I like these! I think the slightly ruffled effect works as well. :) Ray x #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. Thanks for joining the Pleasures of the NWs DIY party!

    1. Thank you for hosting, it's always a pleasure to join!


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