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Monday, December 21, 2015

Mini Felt Ornaments

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? I've been busy with a lot of last minute gifts, but I'm now proud to say that I've finished all my Christmas shopping!

Anyway, today I wanted to share one quick and easy craft that will add a bit more flair to your Christmas decor: the mini felt ornaments.

mini felt Christmas ornaments

To make these mini ornaments you need to cut small circles, hearts and stars (or other shapes to your liking) from felt (scraps are wonderful for this) in whatever color better matches your Christmas decor. I used my Sizzix to cut the felt but if you don't have one, cookie cutters are a great alternative to help you trace the shapes onto the felt.

mini felt Christmas ornaments

For each ornament you will need two pieces of felt cut to shape, contrasting sewing thread, small pieces of ribbon and bits of polyester filling (optional - I used it for some of the ornaments but not for all). 

Join both pieces together, with the folded ribbon placed in between, and sew around the edges. 

mini felt Christmas ornaments

If you're filling the ornament, leave a small opening and close it only after placing the polyester filing inside. 

mini felt Christmas ornaments

You can leave them simple or you can embroider some designs (better to do it before sewing the felt pieces together). I freehanded a couple of stars and Christmas trees in some of the ornaments.

mini felt Christmas ornaments

For the stars, I actually used a different approach: I joined three pieces of felt in contrasting colors and sewed them together (with no filling): 

mini felt Christmas ornaments

And here's the whole set, which did not take me longer than half an hour to make, so it's smething everyone can easily squeeze into this week's hectic schedule.

mini felt Christmas ornaments

Some of them will hang in our tree, but most of them have been used to decorate...the door handles in our house, spreading the Christmas cheer everywhere!

mini felt Christmas ornaments

But no matter how you use them, they are still a cute and easy way to decorate the house this season!

Have a wonderful week, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. This is so cute! :)

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