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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Posts of 2015

The year end is usually a time to reflect on everything we did, didn't do or should have done in the prior 12 months. So, I went back and checked every single post on this blog during 2015. 

While re-reading older posts always brings to mind little (and sometimes not so little) details that could have been a bit more polished, it also made me realize all the work that went into the blog during the year. 

So, I decided to round up the best posts of 2015. Some are the most clicked ones in the blog, but others are here just because I really enjoyed writing them. They all make me happy and I want to share that happiness with you. 

Favorite post no. 1: The Sailboat Pillow Tutorial

I made the blue sailboat for my son and the red one for my daughter. It it my first "professional looking" pattern. Pattern making is something I enjoy immensely but unfortunately have very little time to pursue. 

Favorite post no. 2: The  Crochet Owl Pillow

Another tutorial. My daughter wanted an owl pillow and I decided crocheting one was easier than sewing. 

Favorite post no. 3: Upcycled Cereal Box to Gift Bag

This was one of the most clicked posts of 2015 and one that I loved sharing. We go through a lot of cereal boxes in our house and this is a wonderful way to turn all those empty boxes into something useful.

Favorite post no. 4: A Box of Felt Doughnuts

The beginning of the (still ongoing) DIY Felt Play Food Series, and while I posted several other felt play food tutorials later (and have more to share), these doughnuts remain my favorite so far. 

Favorite post no. 5: The Water Bottle Holder Tutorial

These water bottle holders were created out of necessity the weekend before my kids were due to leave on a school field trip where the only thing they could carry with them was a water bottle. But they turned out so cute I decided to create a tutorial and share them!

Favorite post no. 6: The First 3 Steps to Really Declutter your Life

If you remember, 2015 was the year of no clutter for me. I finally stepped up and acknowledged that we had a clutter problem in our house and that I was the main reason for it. We still do, but it has been improving a lot. Mostly, I learned to let go of things and I'm now much better at getting rid of clutter, at replacing items instead of accumulating and at just throwing away stuff when it's necessary. This was the first serious post on the subject and I'm putting it back in the limelight because (1) I need to remember it myself once in a while and (2) it may help others going through the same issues. 

And there you have it, the six best posts of 2015. Hopefully there will be many more next year!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true in 2016!

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