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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Decluttering, and my latest scrap busting projects

Today I've decided to change a bit the format of my weekly decluttering updates. 

decluttering: 3 scrap busting projects you need to try today

I have been actively decluttering and last weekend I finally got rid of three of the bags of clothes I had set aside for donation. There is still one bag left, which hopefully will meet its final destination next Saturday. And I have also been on top of paperwork, to avoid accumulation. 

But what I have been mostly working on are scrap busting projects. Anyone who crafts has been confronted at some point with leftovers of materials from several projects. Since some of those materials are often expensive, we have a tendency to hang on to them and think they may still be useful in the future. We don't exactly know what for, but they still may be useful.

Now, I'm not a seamstress, not even close, but I do like to toy around with my sewing machine (my husband rues the day he bought me that thing, he thinks I spend too much time with it already) and of course I can't resist cute fabric when I see it. But since I work full time out of the house, I never manage to complete as many projects as I wanted to. The result: a bigger stash of fabric that I can ever use, and a huge pile of fabric scraps that I never manage to get rid of. 

In order to help my decluttering efforts until the end of the year, I decided to create a series of scrap busting projects that will allow me to turn all those scraps, leftovers and excess fabric into useful items. So far I have posted three of these projects, which you may check clicking the pictures below in case you missed them these past few weeks. 

There are many more to come, I just need to have a bit of time to finish and post them. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be able to create a much bigger round up than this one.

In the meantime, happy decluttering,

keeping it real, craft blog

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