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Thursday, April 2, 2015

No clutter in 2015: week 13 update

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Last weekend I was mostly busy with Easter crafts (the Easter gift baskets and tags) but I still found a little time to declutter. Since my clothes closet looked like a war zone (I need to add additional shelving to help keep the chaos controlled) I took the opportunity to take everything out and I tried to put back a little less than. The result: a nice pile of clothes to donate.

I'm also working hard to put into practice one of the greatest lessons in decluttering: learning to let go. No matter how much you reuse and recycle, sometimes things just need to be replaced my new ones. Or they just have to go and that's the end of it.

From now on the rule is: whenever I buy something new, I need to let go of whatever I was supposed to be replacing in the first place. An example: a couple of weeks ago I bought a set of new bed linens because I thought the old ones looked...well, old. They were still functioning and I could have used them for some time yet. But if I bought new ones, the old had to go. Another addition to the donation pile.

I also managed to get rid of some more books and in the coming weeks I want to start tackling our garage, which is also a huge mess.

Next Friday is a holiday in Portugal so we have a long weekend to look for, though I don't expect any major decluterring to happen, since we will be either trying hard to finish painting our hallways and staircase or celebrating Easter with family.

Happy Easter!

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