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Thursday, February 19, 2015

No clutter in 2015: week 7 update & lego storage

This week I tackled toys. My kids receive way too many toys on Christmas and birthdays and once in a while I have to purge their closets. This time I focused mainly on toys with broken pieces or otherwise unusable and that, for some strange reason, seem to always show up in the back of the closets (instead of the trash can were they should have been put in the first place).

And then I turned to Legos. My son is a huge Lego fan and I actually have a Lego city built in a corner of my living room, complete with railways and even a Christmas carrousel (very cute but a pain to keep dust free).

Most Lego sets come in cardboard boxes and usually include several extra pieces. Until now we had been keeping each of the boxes, with its respective instructions manual and extra pieces in a shelf of his bedroom closet. But is was getting too crowded, and besides I need the space to store other toys and game boxes and reduce the amount of stuff spread around.

So I devised a quick storage system. All unused Lego pieces and half assembled items went into a storage box (that was already in his closet full of clutter we got rid of)

The instructions manuals are now duly archived for future reference:

And the cardboard boxes? Sent to the recycling bin (below is just one of the piles that left our house last weekend):

Better? Yes. But I'm still not totally happy with this Lego storage thing, so I'm open to any suggestions or ideas you may have.

The decluttering effort continues, though I still have not decided what to tackle next. I'll let you know next week...


  1. Great post! I love that: "2015 a year w/ no clutter!" I like that you are tackling the clutter one step at a time.

    1. I need to do it one step at a time. I have no free time to do it any other way, and then, probably my motivation would not be the same if I didn't take a break once in a while...Thank you for stopping by!

  2. My kids aren't really into Lego (they have a few sets, but not many) but my sister's kids are. They don't care about displaying the finished product; they just like the building process. She has 2 or 3 of those 4 drawer plastic dressers (the type with see-through drawers) and all of their Lego sorted by colour, one drawer per colour. It works very well.

    1. Sorted by colour, that's and interesting idea. I have been focused on keeping the sets together, not on mixing them, but I guess if I keep all the instructions, maybe the colour solution works. Thank you for stopping by and sharing the idea!


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