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Thursday, January 29, 2015

No clutter in 2015: week 4 update

This is the last week of the month and to be honest I expected to see more results, but unfortunately when I look at my house I still see a lot of clutter.

We sold two more books, but it is a slow process. I'm thinking donation my be a faster way to just get rid of them. I thew away two more bags of VHS tapes (I hope there is a way to recycle them!) but I still have more around that I plan to go though next weekend.

And I found a box full of floppy disks. Seriously? There must be over 200 floppys in there and I have no idea what they have stored. None of our laptops reads floppy disks anymore, but I'm afraid to just throw them out and them remember there was something important I should backup some other way (though if I didn't use the floppys in the last 7 out 8 years, probably I'm just freaking out for no reason...). Anyway, my father in law still has an old computer with a floppy drive and the next time we visit I'll take the box with me (and not bring it home again!).

Anyway, I have come to realize that truly decluttering the house is not going to happen overnight and that in the meantime we will have to change some of our habits. We all need to make an effort to put away things after we use them and I need to finish or just discard a lot of projects that I started and then never picked up again. And there are still a lot of closets to go through. Not to mention the garage.

It doesn't help that we decided to restart painting our house. Last year we painted the bedrooms, earlier this year we finished the bathrooms and now we are going to paint the hallways and the stairwell. Wish me luck....

I have decided nevertheless to keep writing these weekly posts even if there isn't a lot to report, as they will be a constant reminder of the goal I have committed to in 2015. If you've lasted this far, thank you for your support, I'm not sure this decluttering journey would have been possible without this blog.

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