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Friday, October 3, 2014

And on our anniversary...

...we both took a day off work, left the kids at school and went off to celebrate on our own. First we visited the church we were married in. There is a photo below, though not taken by us as there was a service going on.
Then we had lunch in the hotel where we had our reception 10 years ago (you can see some glimpses of the room in my previous post), though this time we ate in the terrace near the pool.

And then we took off to Sintra, a beautiful little town about 30 km from Lisbon, located in the middle of a natural park (check out this link if you want to know more about Sintra).

We had a lovely afternoon and I just couldn't wait for the next Wordless Wednesday to share. 

The last photos were taken at the Capuchos convent which, according to the brochure we were given when we purchased our tickets (also pictured above), was built in 1560 (and to be honest does not seem to have suffered a lot of changes since then...). We hadn't been there since before we had kids, and the place was really quiet, the weather was great, so all in all we had a wonderful day.

Oddly enough, we left for this excursion without our camera, so these are the photos I took with my phone. I know my husband took some with his phone as well, so I'll save them for another post one of these days.


  1. What a great anniversary celebration--to visit the places where your marriage began! Thanks for sharing pictures. Happy anniversary!

    1. Thank you Carol, we really had a wonderful day!


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