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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Girl room makeover

This summer we decided to repaint our house. For now only the bedrooms are finished, the rest will come in time (or when we can find the time) but for sure the biggest change was our daughter's room, which we wanted ready by the time she turned four.

I forgot to take "before" pictures but if you look at the photo below from the mini hostess apron post you can see the walls were a dull off-white color.

We started to paint by mid-august but then went on vacation and only finished it last week.

Now the walls have been painted a soft shade of purple (more like lilac, really, I'm terrible with colors). Her choice.

We have added a new coat rack (a gift from grandma).

And moved the play kitchen to the side to make room for the book shelves (and the rest of the stuff she keeps in there) and leave more open space at the center of the room.

The curtains were scheduled for replacement but in the end I kind of liked the contrast between the dark chocolate of the fabric and the color of the walls so maybe they will hang in there (literally) for some time yet.

This is her dresser, which you may remember from this post:

And this is the cross stitch I made for her when she was born, which luckily matches the new room colors perfectly:

She's been sleeping in her "new" room since for almost a week and seems happy about it. Let's hope she stays that way because I'm not ready for another makeover in the next, say, ten years... ;)

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