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Monday, September 22, 2014

Cross stitch potholder - with pattern!

Yesterday (Sunday) was a slow day for us. We attended my cousin's marriage on Saturday, got home late, the weather has been terrible these last weeks and so we decided to stay at home with the kids.

While searching for something to do in my (huge) unfinished projects pile I came to this potholder I bought a long time ago with the intention of embroidering something on it and then give it as a gift.

cross stitch potholder with free pattern

Since I wasn't in the mood for anything else and cross stitch or crochet are the only crafts I'm able to carry out while watching the kids, I decided to go ahead and finish it for myself.

cross stitch potholder with free pattern

I rarely change the decorations in my house according to seasons (except on Christmas) but I opened an exception and went looking for a fall design. I ended up settling for this one (top left corner):

cross stitch potholder with free pattern

Although it looks fall-ish it is still bright enough to cheer the dark stone wall above my kitchen counter:

cross stitch potholder with free pattern

(it looks kind of lonely hanging in there, though, so I may be adding a kitchen towel or another potholder with the same design - if I can find the time).

I didn't make the potholder itself, just added the cross stitch, but looking at the pictures now it does not seem very hard to replicate, so maybe one of these days I will try to do that as well.

cross stitch potholder with free pattern

Anyway, the cross stitch is small and easy enough that you can finish it in a rainy afternoon and is a great addition to any kitchen. In case you are interested in the pattern, I scanned it and you can download it here.


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  1. Olá Teresa, obrigada pela visita e simpático comentário. Para o Natal terei de fazer roupas de lã para aquecer o Nenuco :)
    Adoro estas bagas em ponto cruz, ficou um trabalho muito mimoso.
    Nem fale em chuva... não senti o verão este ano!
    Tenha uma semana feliz,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Aww you did a great job here, the design is beautiful :)

    Thanks for linking up #CreativeMondays


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