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Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Glitter Tags

I've always been a huge fan of handmade presents, and I'm of the opinion that just because the present is handmade it doesn't mean it can't be wrapped in style.

In my efforts to come up with the best wrapping/packaging alternatives for handmade presents, my latest project are glitter tags.

 Of all the tags I experienced with, this one is clearly my favorite:

Glitter tags are very easy to make. You will need a sheet (or more) of lightweight cardboard (I used white), glitter in any color you want (I used glitter dust and some small glitter shapes I found at a craft store as well - hearts and stars), glue, a thin brush and a few sheet of copier paper.

Start by cutting the tags in any shape you want, out of your lightweight cardboard (I used my Sizzix because I'm lazy, but scissors work just fine). Cut several different shapes to decide which you prefer after applying the glitter.

If you want to leave a blank space for writing, mark it with a soft pencil. You can see that I left some of the tags unmarked. Those are to be fully covered in glitter and then I will glue a smaller blank piece of cardboard on top, which will give them a nice 3D effect.

 Next, place the tags on one of the copier paper sheets and use a thin brush to apply glue on the areas you want covered with glitter (don't put glue over the areas you want to leave free for writing).

Cover the tag entirely with glitter and let it dry.

 Once the glue has dried you can pick up the tag and shake it a bit. All the glitter that was on a non-glued surface will fall and those blank spaces you marked will be visible again. 


An in case you wondered why I used the copier paper sheets, see below. Once you are done you can fold the paper a little in the middle and it will help you put all the excess glitter back into the bottles.

For those tags covered entirely in glitter, cut a second smaller tag and glue it on top of the glittered one:

Finally, punch holes on one side of the tags and pass thread or ribbon through it.

Your tags are ready. And this one is still my favorite.



  1. Oooh, these are clever! Must remember this for my Rainbow group!

  2. Whoo these are a sweet idea :) my daughter would love making these ...

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop :)


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