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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mario Kart free printable memory game

My son is fascinated with all things Mario. And is last obsession is Mario Kart. This translates into wanting a Mario Kart birthday party, and while his birthday is still a couple of months away, I like to plan things in advance (actually, I have to plan everything in advance, otherwise I will not have time to get it all done at the last minute...).

Mario Kart free printable memory game

So I decided to look for Mario Kart party favors, since (1) I don't like to give candy to the kids, they eat too much already and (2) I'm always looking for ways to save money. After gathering inspiration online, I settled for a memory game, sat down with my laptop and came up with this:

Mario Kart free printable memory game

If you want to make one, just print the pdf here. I made it to print front and back on my printer, so that the images and the question marks at the back are perfectly aligned. If it doesn't work in your printer, drop me a line and I will mail you the Powerpoint version and you can adjust it yourself.

Mario Kart free printable memory game

There are 24 different Mario Kart items. Make sure you print two copies of each page in order to get pairs. The box to store all the pieces is not my creation, it came from here where you can also find other cool Mario party stuff I will be using for sure. Enjoy. I'm off to make at least 15 of these...


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  1. Hi Teresa, I tried to print this but it didn't align properly with printer, can you please email it to me? Thank you,