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Monday, March 10, 2014

Too many projects, too little time...

Even if you discount the huge pile of unfinished projects (some of which will probably never see the light of day), the fact that I have a tendency to start more projects that I'm able to finish is one of those faults that I'm always thinking I should correct and never really try to. I know not to waste my efforts.

When I have an idea, I usually go ahead with it. And then, somewhere along the way, real life intervenes and I'm needed somewhere else. Dinner has to be cooked, groceries need to be put away, house must be vacuumed, the boy needs help with homework, or another of those endless strings that make up our life.

I complain about this a lot, but secretly, I do accept that that is the way it must be. It means that we, as a family, have a normal everyday life, that we are alive, happy and healthy.

Anyway, I now have three projects in my hands (not literally, right now) that I have been working on in the past weeks and that expect to share here once they are completed. Please remain seated, it may take a while.




Now let's see which one I manage to finish first...

See you around,

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