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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pencil case and notebook cover

In case you're wondering about the work in progress that I mention around here once in a while, don't wonder any more. I haven't finished anything from my pile of unfinished items.

I have, however, been busy with something else:

One of my son's friends from 1st grade turned seven and invited us for her birthday party last Sunday. Since my daughter was invited as well and she felt she must take the birthday girl a present, instead of buying two presents I decided to buy one and make another.

For quite some time I have been wanting to do something with matryoshka dolls, so I figured this was just right. Since (as usual) I was pressed for time, I had to keep it simple and this is what I came up with.

The pencil case is made of felt, bordered with a blanket stitch.

Originally I was going to add a felt matryoshka as embellishment, but then I found a piece of this matryoshkas ribbon in my stash and figured it was an easier route:

I have, however, have an unfinished matryoshka lying around my sewing table and I hope she can make an appearance here someday. Back to the pencil case, I also added some colorful pens I had left from another project.

For the notebook, I used Powerpoint to design some cute pages, printed and cut them and turned them into a small notebook, with a heavier scrapbook pink paper for cover.

Then I made a cover out of felt. The idea is exactly the same as the 5-minute book cover, just adjusted for size, and instead of machine sewing it I used a blanket stitch to match the pencil case (and the same ribbon). The pencil case closes with just one button, for the notebook cover I also added an elastic.

I finished both pieces with time to spare (on Saturday morning) and then I came up with a really cute package (of which I forgot to take a picture). This gave me the idea of making a list of tips for wrapping handmade presents in style, so stay tuned.

See you around,

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    I really love your work, so cute, so beautiful, especially this one
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