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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boy pants to girl shorts

Boy wrecked pants, to be exact.

This is a common sight when my son comes home from school. When the pants still fit him well, I usually find a way to patch them and make them last at least a couple of months more. In this case, they were already running on the short side, so it was pointless to waste time with patches. So I decided to turn them into shorts for is younger sister.

If you remember this post, this was one of the projects that I had planned to finish last week. Although a few days late, it is still the first one of the three to actually see the light of day.

Anyway, I cut the pants legs above the holes in the knees and hemmed them. Then I crocheted a border. I kept it as simple as possible, but if you look around Pinterest (my endless source of inspiration) there are dozens of alternatives in all shapes and sizes.

To make the shorts more girly, I added three crochet flowers in the left leg. Initially I thought about using buttons for the center of the flowers, but as I went through my stash I found nothing with the appropriate size/color, so I used beads instead.

And here they are, a pair of girl shorts, ready for Spring:

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