Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Kindness Advent Calendar cards - free printable

Hello, and welcome! This year I want to make sure our holidays season is even more filled with love and kindness, more time spent with family or helping others, and definitely less waste and money spent on useless stuff. 

So I have created this original advent calendar. There are 24 cards, one of each day of December before Christmas, and each card comes with the suggestion of a good deed, a random act of kindness or just a suggestion to make this time of the year a bit happier for everyone. Feel free to repeat a lot of them every day!

The kindness advent calendar cards come in a 5-pages pdf file. You just need to run it through a color printer and then cut the cards - you can cut then as squares or, if you prefer, follow the dotted lines and cut them as circles instead.



Then pile up the cards or hang them in a garland, and start the month of December in the best way possible!

Download the pdf file with these printables here!




I will share a blank version on the calendar, so that you can write your own "tasks" or messages instead if you prefer.

Happy Wednesday and happy holidays!

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  1. Teresa,
    Thanks so much for stopping b!! This is such a great idea especially for children!!! Thanks for sharing!!'
    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day!!