Monday, January 20, 2014

I have a blog

Ok, I have a blog.And a craft blog, at that!

For years I have been reading and following a long list of blogs. Some I read on a daily basis and others are just saved in my Favorites bar for occasional reference. Almost all of them are craft related because I would love to be crafty if I could find the time. Which will probably never happen anyway, but a girl can dream, right?

Since blogging is another activity that I expect will make another dent in my already stressed days (and nights), I’m keeping it real. While I love to read blogs where people have the perfect houses, raise the perfect children, make the most beautiful handmade clothes, toys, jewelry, etc and, on top of that, take the perfect pictures, that has nothing to do with my life.

So, here are 10 real facts about me:

1. I’m 38, married and I have two beautiful, healthy smart kids that drive me insane on a daily basis. Really insane. Some days I can actually feel my hair turning white when I’m dealing with them

2. Which leads me to the fact that I have white hair. Not all-white but not the you-can-actually-disguise-it-easily kind. Especially when I pull it back from my face. I know that one of these days I will have to cave in and have it dyed but I was hoping to hold that off until my 40th birthday. Which is something that my husband does not like to hear

3. I try to go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. Which is true. Emphasis on “try”. Last week I actually went on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though on Friday I only ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes so I’m not sure it counts. I’m still a few pounds overweight and I will never be a supermodel. Or any other kind of model

4. I sew and craft whenever I have time. Some of my work is OK. Some is wonky. My kids still love the wonky things I make them, but other people sometimes look at me like I should be in the loony house for wasting time like that when I should be cooking, or cleaning the house or any other politically correct alternative. Even my husband thinks I spend too much time with my sewing machine (which by the way is as basic as you can get)

5. I don’t have a fancy camera. Actually, I don’t even have a camera other than the cameras that come with my cell phone and Ipad (which, technically, don’t belong to me but to the company I work for), so any pictures I ever put in here will come from one of those sources. When I eventually discover how to upload pictures on the blog

6. I don’t have a perfect house. We live in a 5 bedroom apartment which often (as in, every day) looks as if a bomb has just detonated somewhere close. The kids have too many toys, I have too many books, clothes and craft supplies. I’m getting better at purging but the house is still over cluttered.

7. I lose my patience too often. I yell at my husband and my kids and sometimes I feel like I would like to break something. I never do it, though. Cleaning up the mess would fall on my shoulders anyway

8. I’m a lousy driver. I only do well if I’m driving alone in roads that I’m familiar with. I do OK with the kids in the car. Not so much with my husband. I always feel like he’s there to judge my performance and that usually guarantees a bad one

9. I never traveled a lot. I’ve never been outside Europe. When I was a kid there was not enough money, then I was studying and there was never enough time, then my husband and I started working and wanted to save to buy a house and a car. We finished paying the house when I was pregnant with my oldest. And now I just feel too overwhelmed to travel with two kids. I know of people (through other blogs, of course) that roam the world with a lot more children, but that’s just not me. Last summer was the first one we actually traveled with them, and (1) my husband had to threaten me almost and gun point for me to agree, (2) I packed so many stuff that it looked as if we were going to migrate to another continent forever even though we were only going to spend a week and a friend’s house in the mountains. I even took some bottles of milk and baby cereal for my kids. And their sippy cups. Just because they are picky with their food. Or maybe that’s why they are picky with their food…

10. I love to read. Always have. Any kind of books. Lately I have been reading romance novels. Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson and the kind. I post reviews of the books I read on my other blog, The Book Worm. My husband is of the opinion that I have fried some brain cells somewhere along the line and loves to read the back covers for the summary of the plots and crack some jokes about it. I don’t care. I need some pink in my life, even if it just comes in paperback format bought used on Amazon. Which leads to another discussion as to why do I fill up the house with books when I could get a kindle instead. I’m an old fashioned girl. It just does not have the same magic.

And that’s it, folks. As real as it gets.

Feel free to browse around and I hope you enjoy your visit!

keeping it real, craft blog

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