Friday, January 24, 2014

A blanket for Dog

Along the past few days I have discovered one huge advantage of blogging: since I need something to blog about, I have been pushing myself to finish some of the projects I have laying around the house.

A couple of days ago I finished the dolls closet.

And last night I was looking for an easy project that wouldn’t take me a long time, and I found Dog’s blanket in the downstairs closet, unfinished and still with a needle stuck in the fabric.

This is Dog and she’s been living with us for almost a year (the only kind of dog I would consider having in an apartment, even a big one like ours), and is well loved by both kids, even though she was a present for my daughter. Dog came with lots of accessories but she had no blanket.

toy dog blanket DIY

It was my first attempt at bias tape and a not very successful one, especially in the corners, so I guess I need to practice more and improve my skills.

toy dog blanket DIY

The fabric came from an old polo shirt and the dog applique is made with felt scraps and was cut using this Sizzix Die Cut.

toy dog blanket DIY

Dog loves it, and so do we.


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